January 2013

Finding Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi – Summary

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The idea of flow is popular in the online productivity, life-hacking blogosphere. Being in a state of flow is when you’re fully immersed in a specific task with a seemingly inexhaustible amount of focus. Five hours may zip by and you hardly even notice. I’ve experienced flow on many occasions, such as when I get […]

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Writing Log


As mentioned, I’m aiming to write at least 1,000 words a week in 2013. This is actually lower than my ideal, but I’m starting nice and low on purpose, to make sure it’s achievable. Once I can do this reliably I’ll up the number. Total Word Count by Week The following graph is generated from a […]

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Writing in 2013


(This post is pretty meta—more of a personal reflection than a useful idea.) So here we are … No calendars bursting into flames. No end of the world. No apocalypse. Lots of disappointed end-of-the-world-ers. It seems 2013 is happening after all. I’ve written before about doing a past-year review and next-year plan. I also released […]

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