March 2013

Anki Essentials is here!

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It’s finally here! I’m excited to announce that Anki Essentials is ready and available for purchase here. Anki Essentials is a 120-page guide for Anki, a free and popular spaced-repetition program primarily used for memorizing and internalizing material. Head over here for more details and to grab a copy! To everyone who pre-ordered Anki Essentials, […]

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Anki Deck: Get Motivated

Anki Decks
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I just added a new deck to my Anki Decks page: . This is an experimental deck for getting yourself motivated using the advice from The Procrastination Equation by Piers Steel and my corresponding How to Get Motivated poster. How to Use It Grab it here: . (You’ll need Anki. If you’re new to Anki you might find my Anki Essentials guide […]

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