Ecuador – Day 17-27 – Baños

November 2011

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We’ve spent the last 10 days in Baños. This place has been great. It’s somewhat touristy, but the access to vegetarian food and proper coffee is fantastic.

Day 17 – Quilotoa to Baños

We made our way from the Quilotoa crater to Latacunga via pickup truck. From there we took several buses to finally arrive in Baños in the afternoon.

Day 18-21 – Settle in

The next two days we did nothing and it was glorious. Jimmy did some biking, but I did nothing more than hang out in cafés, drink a lot of coffee, and do a lot of reading and writing.

At one point we hiked up a nearby ‘hill’ that overlooks Baños, which is where I took the above panorama image.

We also visited the Sunday morning market, where we stocked up for breakfast and dinner food.

Day 22 – Climbing

Climbing in Banos

After lazying around for so long, we had to get out and really do something.

A co-traveler recommended a guide, so we went and signed up for a day trip to some nearby cliffs to do some climbing.

The rocks were very slippery and dusty, making for very different climbing compared to indoors.

The fact that the rope was rubbing up on the rocks and the climbing leads were rather far apart meant some pretty sketchy lead climbing for me, seeing as I’ve only ever done it indoors.

But regardless, it was a blast.

Man I miss climbing!

Day 23-24 – More relaxing

Relaxed after climbing, walked around the town, and just took it easy.

Day 25 – Bike from Baños to Puyo

Ride from Banos to Puyo

Did a 55km bike ride from Baños to Puyo through a winding and hilly mountain road that took us largely out of the mountains.

There were lots of small waterfalls along the way, including one we could climbed down to and swim underneath.

Despite a few bike malfunctions – nothing debilitating – we made it in one piece, though my legs didn’t handle it as well as Jimmy’s!

Day 26-27 – Just chillin

I’m finally caught up with my travel logging bringing me to Day 27, today! Today and yesterday have been spent taking it easy. It seems my luck has finally run out and I’m sick, likely from something we ate.

No big plans yet. Going to take it easy, recover from bike ride, and get in some more reading/writing/site planning.