Impact Projects

This is a overview of how I’m working to
maximize my positive impact on the world.
(For a snapshot of how I run my life, see my life hacking page.)
Last updated December 2016.

Long-Term AI Alignment

Most of my mental energy is spent at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, on roughly the following topics.

Math Insights

What enables researchers to produce valuable insights? What’s the best way to structure research teams? What is the best work environment for a mathematician? I research the answers to these questions and run tests with our team.

Effective Teams

What makes an effective team? What are the obvious characteristics and behaviors of effective teams? How can we ensure we’re following best practice? What tests can we run? I research out the answers to the questions and run tests with our team.

Research Programs

We run various research-related programs, such as workshops and seminars. I ensure they’re planned and executed well, and that we’re squeezing as much research-value-juice out of them as possible.

Maintain the Well-Oiled Machine

We’re a small non-profit. I’m one of a small team that keeps things running smoothly across a wide range of responsibilities.