How to Beat Procrastination

May 2011

in Self-mastery

Update: This post is superseded by my newer work on procrastination.

I finally reread lukeprog’s awesome post over at Less Wrong called How to Beat Procrastination. It’s a horrible irony—I’ve ready his post several times, always with the intention of putting some of it into practice. And I’ve always put off doing that. Until now, finally! All the things I want to do will never happen if I keep procrastinating as much as I do.

A large portion of his post is drawn from Piers Steel’s The Procrastination Equation (which is now in my Amazon cart) and is well footnoted and referenced.

In an effort to build up my rationality toolbox, I’ve transferred much of the information from the post into a series of mindmaps, the first of which is below.

The Procrastination Equation (click image for full size)