“How to Get Motivated” Poster Update

July 2012

in Self-mastery

I just updated my How to Get Motivated anti-procrastination poster. This update includes:

  • Fixed typos. What the heck is “contast”? Whoops. Fixed that, plus a few others.
  • Improved wording. A few of the actions I changed completely, and various others I changed just slightly. I realized that much of the advice in the poster is fairly abstract or vague, so I tried to improve this a bit by being a little more action-oriented in my word choice, and moving a few things around.
  • Improved explanations. I made various subtle wording and grammar improvements in the descriptions and explanations on the poster.
  • Better size. I optimized the size of the poster for printing via RedBubble.com.
  • Removed copyright. I got rid of the copyright. The poster now falls under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 for Canada.

The poster is still completely free for download. I have also switched to RedBubble.com for the poster printing, and away from the rather disappointing Zazzle.

Enjoy! To hell with procrastination!