Motivation – Increasing Expectancy

June 2011

in Self-mastery

Update: This post is superseded by my newer work on procrastination.

I want to continue to upload my notes I took from lukeprog’s awesome post over at Less Wrong called How to Beat Procrastination. The Procrastination Equation, as mentioned in my first post, shows where our motivation comes from:

Expectancy is something we want to increase, which in turn increases our motivation.

How to increase Expectancy (click image for full size)

I have experienced first hand the effectiveness of success spirals on motivation. Rock climbing presents a situation where you are constantly achieving small goals, constantly improving, and constantly experiencing success as you climb harder and harder problems.

Mental contrasting is something I have consciously done a few times before, always with good results.

Avoiding too much optimism is something I’ve never experienced before. :P