Motivation – Increasing Value

June 2011

in Self-mastery

Update: This post is superseded by my newer work on procrastination.

I want to continue to upload my notes I took from lukeprog’s awesome post over at Less Wrong called How to Beat Procrastination. The Procrastination Equation, as mentioned in my first post, shows where our motivation comes from:

Shockingly, if you increase the perceived value of a task or the size of its reward, you will be more motivated to do it. :)

How to increase Value (click image for full size)

Achieving Flow, whenever I can get it to work, is an awesome way to get things done. So much focus with so little energy used.

Finding meaning and passion in what I do is probably hands-down the best source of motivation I know of.

As for making rewards, this rarely works for me because I always know that I don’t actually have to wait to accomplish the task to get the rewards. I find it hard to ‘trick’ myself this way; there needs to be some sort of external enforcement.