Another year has come and gone. Review time!

At the end of every year I perform a complete review of my life, my goals, and my projects. I’ve done this for about ten years now, and found it valuable every time.

Here’s a summary of my review for 2013. When performing my review I go into much more detail than what’s below. Details on how I go about doing this can be found in my free guide 8,760 Hours.


Overall, 2013 was a pretty awesome year. I made progress on a lot of things I thought were important, completed a bunch of projects, made a lot of exciting changes, and learned a lot.

That said, I still didn’t do everything I originally set out to do, I didn’t fix all the things I wanted to fix, I didn’t take enough time to enjoy life, and I didn’t learn all the things I wanted to learn.  [click here to keep reading…]

Life Areas

December 2013

in Self-awareness

This post contains an up-to-date list of my “life areas”—a breakdown of the major different areas in my life, which I frequently use, for example when performing my yearly reviews.

1. Worldview & Purpose

Is: your overall clarity as to your existence, purpose, and place in the universe; religious beliefs; goals; philosophy of life; fundamentals; want out of life; values; worldview; beliefs about everything—the past, present, and future, what is valuable, virtuous, and just.


by Alex Vermeer and Jimmy Rintjema


Why the hell can’t we get more done? We procrastinate. A lot. It sucks. We want to do it less.

The procrastination equation, thanks to Piers Steel,1 accounts for every major finding on human motivation and procrastination.

This procrastination equation is quite simple. We find it very useful. We want to explain how we use it in the hopes that you’ll find it useful too. [click here to keep reading…]

  1. Piers Steel, from the University of Calgary, is “one of the world’s foremost researchers and speakers on the science of motivation and procrastination.” []

I’ve been using Anki fairly regularly for a few years, but it’s time to start over.

My decks are too many and too cluttered. I have too much material that I don’t actually care to spend my time memorizing. A lot of my notes are old and poorly formatted. I haven’t gone through them to fix them all because there are so many.

I’ve failed to follow my own advice!

So, I’m starting over. Clean slate!

I went through my entire collection today and purged everything but the absolute essentials. Of those, I went through every note and cleaned them up, pared them down, and simplified.

My plan going forward is as follows: [click here to keep reading…]